Abhishek Luv

Online Trainer for ASP.NET MVC, Angular, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework & EF Core

Reading Corner

Books I have on my Bookshelf :

  • Code Complete 2nd Edition (Just bought it)
  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (Just bought it)
  • The Clean Coder (Just bought it)
  • The Best thing about YOU is YOU
  • Youth Arise, Awake and KNow Your Strength (Finished Reading)
  • 97 Things every Programmer should know (Still reading this)
  • Vivekananda His Call to the Nation
  • The Living Health (Finished Listening)
  • Faster ASP.NET Websites (Finished Reading)
  • Version Control with Git (Finished Reading)
  • Mastering Entity Framework (Finished Reading)
  • Entity Framework Tutorials (Finished Reading)
  • The Success Puzzle by Bob Proctor (Finished Listening)
  • Your Erroneous Zones
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • C# 5.0 in a Nutshell (Using as a reference)
  • C# 6.0 Pocket Reference (Using as a reference)
  • Clean Code (Using as a reference)
  • The Opinionated Software Developer - Shawn Wildermuth (Finished Reading)
  • HTTP - K. Scott Allen (Finished Reading)
  • 7 Secrets of Shiva (Still reading this)
  • The Passionate Programmer : (Just bought it)
  • Becoming a Better Programmer : (Reading now)
  • Dependency Injection in .NET : (Reading now)
  • Outwitting the devil : The secret to freedom and success
  • Soft Skills : The Software Developer’s life manual (John Sonmez) (Finished reading)
  • The End of Jobs (Finished reading)
  • Home Remedies by Swami Sivananda (Reading now)
  • Upanishad Ganga Volume 1 (Watching Now)
  • Ten Upanishads by Swami Sivanada (Reading now)