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Benefits of Online Training

Angular 6 Online Training Syllabus

Day 1 : Development Setup & JavaScript Overview

  • Downloading Visual Studio Code
  • Downloading Node.js LTS version
  • JavaScript overview
  • Types and Variables
  • Properties, Objects and Functions in JavaScript

Day 2 : Understanding TypeScript

  • What is TypeScript
  • Using Node.js and NPM to download TypeScript
  • Configuring TypeScript
  • Basic types, Variable Declarations
  • Classes, Interfaces

Day 3 : Introduction to Angular

  • Introduction to Angular 6
  • Features in Angular 2/4/6
  • Difference between Angular 1 & Angular 2/4/6
  • Understanding Angular Application Folder Structure
  • Architecture of Angular 6 Application
  • Understanding Angular CLI
  • Creating Angular Application using Angular CLI
  • Using Angular CLI Commands

Day 4 : Getting Started with Angular 6: Components and Templates

  • Bootstrapping
  • Understanding Components
  • Building Blocks of Angular Component
  • Creating a Component

Day 5 : Angular Data Binding & Directives

  • Interpolation {{ }}
  • Template Expressions and Statements
  • Property Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Two-way Data Binding
  • Understanding Angular Directives
  • Component, Structual, and Attribute Directives
  • ngIf, ngSwitch, ngFor, ngModel, ngClass, ngStyle, and more..

Day 6 : Custom Directives & Angular Pipes

  • Creating Custom Directives in Angular
  • Understanding Pipes
  • Using Built-In Pipes with/without Parameters
  • Chaining Pipes
  • Creating Custom Pipes in Angular

Day 7 : Component Interaction in Angular 6

  • Creating Parent and Child Components
  • Passing data from Parent to Child Component using @Input Decorator
  • Using ngOnChanges for Change Detection
  • Passing data to Parent from Child Component using @OutPut Decorator
  • Using Local Variables and @ViewChild

Day 8 : Component Life Cycle Hooks in Angular 6

  • Understanding Angular Component Life Cycle Hooks
  • ngOnChanges
  • ngOnInit
  • ngDoCheck
  • ngAfterContent...
  • ngAfterView...
  • ngOnDestroy
  • OnInit, OnDestroy
  • OnChanges, DoCheck

Day 9 : Angular Template-Driven Forms & Validations

  • Understanding Template-Driven Forms
  • Importing FormsModule from @angular/forms
  • Using FormControl, FormGroup, FormArray
  • Doing Validations using Template-Driven Forms

Day 10 : Reactive Forms & Validations in Angular

  • Understanding Reactive-Driven Forms
  • Importing ReactiveFormsModule from @angular/forms
  • Using FormControl, FormGroup, FormArray
  • Doing Validations using Reactive-Driven Forms

Day 11 : Services and Dependency Injection in Angular

  • Understanding Services and Dependency Injection
  • Using @Injectable
  • Using Dependency Injection and IoC
  • Understanding Providers

Day 12 : Using Angular HttpClient

  • Importing HttpClient Module
  • Using Http Get,Post,Put, and Delete
  • Understanding Observables
  • Subscribing to an Observable
  • Accessing JSON data in Component Template

Day 13 : Angular Routing and Navigation

  • Understanding Routing
  • Creating Routes
  • Creating Routes with Parameters
  • Working with Child Routes
  • Understanding router-outlet
  • Navigating between Routes

Day 14-20 : Angular 6 Real-Time Project

We will be creating a Content Management System(CMS) using Angular 6, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, and many other technologies.

Benefits you will receive

Video Recordings

All live training sessions will be recorded so that student can watch all the training videos for future reference.

Full Source Code

Everything will be explained practically with full source code. After every session, student will receive entire source code files for future reference via DropBox.

Live Interaction

Student can interact with the faculty directly with a Microphone. All sessions will be conducted using Zoom.

Course Certificate

After completing a training student will receive a course completion certificate with a verified url.

Customer Reviews

“Attended a C# training and the experience and learning was fabulous!! I was a bit skeptical about online trainings earlier as I never felt the connect when compared to a class room training.. however Abhishek’s jovial and interactive teaching methods has made me reconsider my opinions on online trainings.. Done with C# and looking forward to MVC "Online Training” with Abhishek.. Thanks Abhishek for all the guidance!"

Saurabh Roy, Microsoft

“One of the best online training’s. Abhishek is very good at teaching and his concepts are crystal clear. Would recommend this training to all who want to learn c# from scratch. Thanks Abhishek for your time.”

Vandana Mandal, Microsoft

“Attended MVC training. Excellent course. Covering all main topics and they are well organized. Abhishek is teaching from his experience. Alos, I like the way Abhishek codes. Videos and sounds are very clear and training conducted very professionally. Enjoyed the training.”

Jose prasad Manuel, USA

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