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Important Things to Do When Installing Orchard CMS for the First Time

Important things to do when installing Orchard CMS for the first time.

  • Giving write permissions to the following folders(App_Data,Modules,Themes,Media) applicable for IIS/Web Hosts only and not for WebMatrix and IIS express.
  • Installing Orchard with a pre-defined recipe or with a custom recipe (optional)
  • Remove Home page title and text
  • Configure your site settings properly
  • Configure your cache settings properly
  • Configure the email module with valid SMTP details (so that the reset password works when you forget your password)
  • Configure Antispam modules
  • Enable warmup module for performance boost(Orchard creates static versions of specified pages)
  • Hide the meta published part if you want to hide the published dates for pages using placement.info file in your custom theme
  • Check if the version you’re using is the latest version.
  • Assigning administrator roles to the admin user
  • Adding an email address for the admin user
  • Enabling database and file system output cache(Optional/If required)
  • Enabling Audit trail module to monitor backend activities on your website(optional)
  • Remember to turn off unwanted modules
  • Copy the settings.txt file and save it in a secure place (for future use/backup)
  • Enabling import/export and creating a recipe of your website (for future use/backup)

New to Orchard CMS?

Orchard CMS is a free, open source, community-focused Content Management System built on the ASP.NET MVC platform.

Orchard is delivered under the .NET Foundation http://www.dotnetfoundation.org/orchard. For more info on Orchard visit the official website http://www.orchardproject.net/ and for more Orchard CMS tutorials subscribe to Orchard Beginner YouTube channel.

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