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Selenium C# Online Training and Coaching Syllabus

Day 1: C# Revision

  • Classes and Objects
  • Static Class, Abtract Class, Interfaces
  • Arrays
  • Generic Collections
  • Selenium Overview
  • Selenium Pre-requisites
  • Selenium Syllabus

Day 2: Understanding Unit Test Projects and Benefits of Automation Testing

  • Assertions
  • Different Types of Assertions
  • Unit Testing Attributes
  • Unit TestContext class
  • TestCategory Attribute
  • Benefits of Automation Testing

Day 3: Introduction to Selenium Web Driver and Setting up Selenium Web Driver

  • What is Selenium Web Driver
  • Benefits
  • Issues of Selenium Web Driver
  • Perfect Framework
  • Latest Selenium Version
  • Download and Install Web Driver
  • Download Chrome Web Driver
  • Fetching ChromeDiver path dynamically using Reflection
  • Important Namespaces
  • Understanding IWebDriver Interface

Day 4: Locating Web Elements using WebDriver #1

  • Introduction To Element Identification
  • Use Chrome for Element Location
  • Absolute XPATH and CSS
  • HTML Basics
  • HTML in Browser
  • WebDriver Location Strategies
  • Highlighting all Web Elements using Selenium
  • FindElement and FindElements methods
  • Best Locators to use
  • Evaluate elemnts at Runtime

Day 5: Locating Web Elements using WebDriver #2

  • Introduction to XPath
  • Forward slash and Double Forward slash in XPath
  • Asterisk and @ in XPath
  • XPath Contains function
  • XPath parent and compound class names
  • How to use multiple attributes in XPath

Day 6: Navigation, Manipulation, and Interrogation

  • Navigation with Selenium WebDriver
  • Element Navigation with WebDriver
  • How to fill a Form
  • CurrentWindowHandle, WindowHandles, PageSource, Title
  • WebDriver URL
  • Interrogating IWebElement
  • IWebElement properties

Day 7: Implicit and Explicit Waits

  • What is an Implicit wait in Selenium
  • How to make Implicit Wait work
  • What are Explicit Waits
  • Types of Explicit Waits
  • 2 Types of Explicit Waits
  • WebDriverWait
  • ExpectedConditions
  • Customizing WebDriverWait
  • Future of ExpectedConditions

Day 8: Mouse, Keyword, Drag and Drap Actions, Developer Tools, Resize and Draw

  • User Interaction in Selenium WebDriver
  • Different Kind of User Interaction
  • Dont use FireFox
  • How to create an Actions class in WebDriver
  • Writing the Drag and Drop test
  • Executing Drag and Drop test
  • Resize action with WebDriver
  • How to open Developer Tools with WebDriver
  • How to draw on a Canvas with Selenium

Day 9: Page Objects

  • Introduction To Keyword Driven Testing
  • What can Change about Keyword Driven Framework
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Keyword Driven Test
  • Introduction to Page Object Pattern
  • Pros and Cons of Page Object Pattern
  • Functional Test using Page Object Model
  • Understanding BaseTest and CoursesPage
  • Page Objects look similar
  • What is DRY Principle
  • Page Objects is Wet
  • What Page Objects Wet
  • How to add BasePage class to our Page Objects

Day 10: Acceptance Test Driven Automation

  • Why did you Struggle
  • Examples of Bad Automation Tests
  • Introduction to TDD
  • Check Execution Environment
  • Red and Green Phase
  • Opening Complicated Page
  • Finish Green Phase
  • Refactor
  • Red
  • Locating Amazon Search Bar
  • Green
  • More Refactor

Day 11: Getting Started with Framework Development

  • Getting Started with Selenium Framework
  • Writing Test Skeleton
  • Fixing Compiler Errors in Tests
  • How to Setup ChromeDriver
  • Getting ChromeDriver to Run
  • Making GoTo and IsVisible work
  • FillOutForm and Submit methods
  • Making 1st Test Pass and Refactor
  • Creating a BasePage class
  • Making Functional Test Fail

Day 12: Sprint2

  • Introduction to Sprint2
  • Adding LastName Field
  • Fixing a possible Problem
  • Refactor Phase
  • Adding a TestCleanUp
  • How to Remove more Duplication
  • Red Phase
  • Importance of Refactoring

Day 13: Sprint3+4

  • Adding a Gender
  • Update FillOutFormAndSubmit
  • Refactoring
  • Red and Green Phase
  • Refactoring all 3 Tests
  • Refactoring out Assertions
  • Sprint4 Requirements
  • FillOutEmergencyContactForm method
  • SetGenderTypes Method
  • SetGenderForEmergencyContact Refactor
  • Red and Green phase of Sprint4

Day 14: Test Organization and BaseTest Class

  • Organize your Test Cases and Classes
  • Test Organization in Code
  • Skeleton of Test Case
  • Implementing the Test
  • WebDriverFactory
  • Making Test Pass
  • Refactoring
  • Making Test Fail
  • Explaining WebDriverFactory
  • A new Problem
  • Creating a BaseTest class

Day 15: Keeping Classes Small and Solution Organized, Logging in Test Automation

  • Problem with Large Page Objects
  • How to Keep Page Objects Small
  • How to Oragnize the Solution
  • How to Encapsulate Page Locators
  • Why is Logging Important
  • Introduction To NLog
  • How to Install NLog
  • Starting to Log
  • Why Info Level is Important
  • Understanding NLog
  • Layout in NLog
  • FileName and KeepFileOpen in NLog
  • Creating First Log Records
  • NLog Bug Logger

Day 16: How to Create HTML Reports for Automation

  • Why do Reporting in Automation
  • Overview of Extent Reports
  • How to use Extent Reports
  • Solution Layout and new Classes
  • The Reporter Class
  • The BaseTest class
  • The ScreenShotTaker class
  • Viewing Test Result
  • How to use Reporter Class

Benefits you will receive

Video Recordings

All live training sessions will be recorded so that student can watch all the training videos for future reference.

Full Source Code

Everything will be explained practically with full source code. After every session, student will receive entire source code files for future reference via DropBox.

Live Interaction

Student can interact with the faculty directly with a Microphone. All sessions will be conducted using Zoom.

Course Certificate

After completing a training student will receive a course completion certificate with a verified url.

Customer Reviews

“Attended a C# training and the experience and learning was fabulous!! I was a bit skeptical about online trainings earlier as I never felt the connect when compared to a class room training.. however Abhishek’s jovial and interactive teaching methods has made me reconsider my opinions on online trainings.. Done with C# and looking forward to MVC "Online Training” with Abhishek.. Thanks Abhishek for all the guidance!"

Saurabh Roy, Microsoft

“One of the best online training’s. Abhishek is very good at teaching and his concepts are crystal clear. Would recommend this training to all who want to learn c# from scratch. Thanks Abhishek for your time.”

Vandana Mandal, Microsoft

“Attended MVC training. Excellent course. Covering all main topics and they are well organized. Abhishek is teaching from his experience. Alos, I like the way Abhishek codes. Videos and sounds are very clear and training conducted very professionally. Enjoyed the training.”

Jose prasad Manuel, USA

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