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Online One-On-One Angular 2/4/6 Training and Coaching

Angular 2/4/6 Online Training Syllabus

Day 1: Development Setup & JavaScript Revision

  • Downloading Visual Studio Code
  • Downloading Node.js LTS version
  • Types and variables in JavaScript
  • Functions, Objects, and Properties in JavaScript

Day 2: Getting Started with TypeScript (Day 1)

  • What is TypeScript
  • Using Node.js and NPM to download TypeScript
  • Configuring TypeScript
  • Using Strong-Typing with TypeScript
  • Basic Types, Vairable declarations
  • Classes, Interfaces, Enum
  • Generics, Functions

Day 3: Getting Started with TypeScript (Day 2)

  • Type Inference, Type Compatibility
  • Advanced Types
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Modules, Namespaces, Module Resolution
  • Debugging TypeScript

Day 4: Getting Started with Angular

  • Introduction to Angular
  • Features in Angular 2/4/6
  • Difference between Angular 1 & Angular 2/4/6
  • Architecture of Angular application
    • Import statement
    • The Class
    • The Class Decorator
    • Components
    • Templates
    • MetaData
    • Data Binding
    • Directive
    • Services
    • Dependency Injection

Day 5: Creating and Bootstrapping Angular Application

  • Understanding Angular CLI
  • Create Angular Applicationg Angular CLI
  • Using Angular CLI Commands
  • Understanding Angular Application Folder structure
  • Bootstrapping Angular Application
  • platformBrowserDynamic, Root Module, and Root Component

Day 6: Components and Templates

  • Understanding an Angular Component
  • Angular Component contains
    • Class
    • MetaData
    • Template(UI/View)
    • @Component Decorator
  • Creating an Angular Component
  • Adding @Component Decorator
  • Registering an Angular Root Component in Angular Root Module
  • Creating a Template(UI/View) for Component

Day 7: Data Binding in Angular

  • Interpolation
  • Template Expressions
  • Template Statements
  • Property Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Two-way Binding

Day 8: Understanding Directives in Angular

  • Angular Directive
  • Component, Structural, and Attribute Directives
  • ngFor, ngSwitch, ngIf, ngModel, ngClass, ngStyle

Day 9: Understanding Pipes and Custom Pipes

  • Using Pipes
  • Built-in Pipes
  • Parameterizing a Pipe
  • Custom Pipes
  • Chaining Pipes
  • Pipe-Transform interface

Day 10: Angular Component Interaction

Day 11: Angular Component Life Cycle Hooks

Day 12: Introduction to Angular Forms

Day 13: Template Driven Forms & Validations

Day 14: Reactive Forms & Validations

Day 15: Services and Dependency Injection

Day 16: Using Angular HttpClient

Day 17: Angular Routing and Navigation

Day 18: Angular with ASP.NET WebAPI #1

Day 19: Angular with ASP.NET WebAPI #2

Day 20: Angular with ASP.NET WebAPI #3

Day 21: Angular with ASP.NET WebAPI #4

Day 22: Angular with ASP.NET WebAPI #5

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Training Duration : Mon-Fri/Sat & Sun 22 Days Angular 2/4/6 Online Training

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Prerequisites : Basics Computer Skills

Training Mode: Online only (via Webex)

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