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Abhishek Luv

Hello! My name is Abhishek Luv and I am an online trainer for C# & ASP.NET MVC from Mumbai, India. I provide my online training services in India and overseas. I have successfully done a lot of online training for clients from USA (Chicago, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Seattle, Florida, Michigan), Dubai, UK(Wales, London, Birmingham), Ireland(Dublin), Panama City, Colombia(Bogota), Denmark(Hjørring), Switzerland(Zurich), Sri Lanka(Colombo), New Zealand, India(Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Faridabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Madurai, Gujarat).

Instructor-led 1-on-1 Online Training

C# Training

This online training will give you hands-on knowledge about C# Programming. In just 14 Days you will learn and understand the basics and advanced topics of C# programming language.

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ASP.NET MVC Training

This online training will give you hands-on knowledge about ASP.NET MVC. In just 20 Days you will learn and understand the basics and advanced topics of ASP.NET MVC Framework

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Angular Training

This online training will give you hands-on knowledge about Angular. In just 20 Days you will learn and understand the basics and advanced topics of Angular

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ASP.NET Core MVC Training

This online training will give you hands-on knowledge about ASP.NET Core MVC. In just 20 Days you will learn and understand the basics and advanced topics of ASP.NET Core MVC Framework

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Benefits of 1-on-1 Online Training

Video Recordings

All live training sessions will be recorded so that student can watch all the training videos for future reference.

Full Source Code

Everything will be explained practically with full source code. After every session, student will receive entire source code files for future reference via DropBox.

Live Interaction

Student can interact with the faculty directly with a Microphone. All sessions will be conducted using Zoom.

Course Certificate

After completing a training student will receive a course completion certificate with a verified url.

Happy Customers Worldwide

“Regarding Abhishek, he is an exceptionally very talented and highly professional person. He knows in depth of what he offers to the people. He is a person with in-depth immense of knowledge in software field. Such a calm, gentle and down to earth person. I had done a C# online course and I was very impressed with the way he taught me with such patience and eagerness to share his knowledge and motivated me also. His teaching style is very unique and very simple to understand even the tough parts also. He is a very trustworthy person and a very brilliant trainer I must say. I am sure those who had training with him will definitely agree with me and I guarantee those who are planning to take up his course, I promise you, the amount you are paying for it would be worthy and won't go wasted."

Arun Thomas, South Africa

“I have done three online trainings C#, ASP.NET MVC and Angular with Abhishek Luv. I must say that the training content is very well though-out and delivered with good teaching skills. The thing I liked the most was the good video and audio quality for my Zoom session video recording. I am able to rewatch all the videos whenever I want to. I would highly recommend others to get in touch with Abhishek to get a one on one online training on C#, mvc, angular. Thank You Kiran"

Kiran Ram

“Attended a C# training and the experience and learning was fabulous!! I was a bit skeptical about online trainings earlier as I never felt the connect when compared to a class room training.. however Abhishek’s jovial and interactive teaching methods has made me reconsider my opinions on online trainings.. Done with C# and looking forward to MVC "Online Training” with Abhishek.. Thanks Abhishek for all the guidance!"

Saurabh Roy, Microsoft

“One of the best online training’s. Abhishek is very good at teaching and his concepts are crystal clear. Would recommend this training to all who want to learn c# from scratch. Thanks Abhishek for your time.”

Vandana Mandal, Microsoft

“Attended MVC training. Excellent course. Covering all main topics and they are well organized. Abhishek is teaching from his experience. Alos, I like the way Abhishek codes. Videos and sounds are very clear and training conducted very professionally. Enjoyed the training.”

Jose prasad Manuel, USA

“I really liked both the courses. Abhishek has organized the courses very well and explains all the concepts clearly. Moreover, he records the daily sessions for reference. It has helped me understand a lot about C#, Asp.Net MVC and how everything works with creating, updating, editing, deleting databases. I feel much better about creating new projects. I recommend him for C# and MVC. Thanks!!!”

Simran Kaur, USA

“I attended the MVC online training sessions conducted by Mr Abhishek Luv. Excellent course, well organised and conducted with the right pace. Abhishek is passionate with excellent teaching skills and good clarity. Maintains balance between theory and practical and must say it was a wonderful experience. The training was conducted very professionally and the sessions happened as per decided timelines. The course was highly informative and helped in vital development of my professional skills. I have received the knowledge more than I expected. I would highly recommend others to enroll in the training, I feel myself lucky and happy to attended this course with Mr Abhishek Luv. Thank you, Mr Abhishek Luv.”

Qais Yousuf, Denmark(Hjørring)

“I have attended C# online classes, I found Abhishek is very talented trainer, hindi language is key feature for me, logical and practical presentation of C#, I have got all the codes and videos of the each session through which i can improve deeper in C#. The more i listen the them more i learn from them. Thank you Abhishek for your effort . All the very best for your future!”

Reena Lather, New Zealand

“Abhishek is a great trainer. I attended MVC online training and Abhishek has a well thought out course with easy to understand code examples. The good thing about his course is, he uploads all the code and class video on drop box so we can download them and review the class again.”

Prabhakara Maramreddy, USA

“I have attended C# online classes, and the good things i found one on one training’s, concepts are clear with practical examples, trainer has depth knowledge and classes are interactive.”

Deepa Gujjar, Symantec(USA)

“I attended the best MVC training conducted by Mr abhishek Luv. Amazing Trainer!!! Excellent Course with one to one online training, have excellent teaching skills and experience in MVC. Trainer will ask every concept is understood or not,once we can’t they will provide other example once concept till understand. its very Professional and sessions completed as per timelines. and he provide materials like videos,code what we done daily session for furture use. I really enjoyed the sessions and trust worthy to invest!!!.Thanks Mr. Abhishek Luv such a wonderful experience to learn and gain Knowledge in MVC.”

Jothi Kumar, Madurai

“Abhishek is an knowledgeable and experienced trainer. He provides recording on his training on a everyday basis. The project work that built during the course gave a very good understanding of the MVC. Thanks Abhishek for your help.”

Shanthi Senthil, USA

“Hello ..I am a house wife and really had a long break in my job after my 2 kids .I wanted to learn C # but difficult to cope up with timings ..So Finally I found Abhishek online .He is really an excellent trainer with deep knowledge of his field and moreover he explain things in very simple form with number of examples and very patiently.It was really helpful as he provided one to one training and gave all recorded teaching sessions to study later.I am hoping to do more trainings with him in near future.”

Kirti Sharma, Switzerland(Zurich)

“Excellent Trainer with great experience !! I received everything I was hoping for from this course and more. The trainer was highly knowledgeable and was able to answer all of the in-depth technical questions.”

Kiran Kumar KP, USA

“Amazing Trainer !! The best MVC training possible with relevant examples and hands on experience. The online session builds up from scratch exposing problems and developing solutions. It was not just a platform training rather a conceptual ride providing complete insight for future development with a demo project.”

Pavan Kumar, Hyderabad

“Good trainer. He has a profound knowledge of the subject and also helps in other areas too. Great place to learn !”

Raghav Gupta, Faridabad