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Online C# Training for College Students in Mumbai

This training is for anyone who is new to C# Programming. This online training will give you hands-on knowledge about C# Programming. In just 14 Days you will learn and understand the basics of the C# programming language. This online training will ultimately help you to create better Web applications using the C# programming language.

Note: Please read the FAQ's before sending me a message.

Online C# Training Target Audience (India & Overseas)

  • College students who are interested in getting familiar with C# Programming Language
  • Fresher graduates who are interested in getting familiar with C# Programming Language
  • Any developer/programmer coming from other programming languages like PHP, VB6, Delphi, C, C++ or others will get a lot of benefit from this online C# Programming training
  • Web designers, Graphic designers, and front-end developers who are interested in getting familiar with C# programming language can register for this online training.
  • Junior & Senior Software Engineer, Database administrator, Network System Administrator who are interested in getting familiar with C# programming language can register for this online training.

Benefits of Online Training

  • Greener and cost effective.
  • Helps you to avoid commuting.
  • More interactive and greater ability to concentrate from the comfort of your own home.
  • Improves your technical skills.

C# Online Training Syllabus

Day #1 : Introduction To .NET Framework and C#

  • Student & Faculty Introduction
  • Instructions about WebEx and DropBox access
  • Getting started with .NET Framework and C#
  • Understanding Computer Basics: Input -> Compiler -> Output
  • Understanding the process of compiling C# source code
  • CLR: Converts IL code to native machine code
  • CTS: Types defined in .NET framework used to create data in applications
  • CLS: .NET Framework rules that need to be followed by programming languages
  • Base class libraries: Set of class libraries with built-in and ready-made functionalities
  • Understanding C# and .NET framework version numbers
  • Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition Basics

Day #2 : C# Basics #1

  • Understanding the role of Main method
  • CTS: Looking at the built-in data types
  • Variable declaration
  • Manipulating textual data using String and StringBuilder class
  • Using implicitly-typed local variables
  • Decision making in C#
  • Looping and Iteration in C#

Day #3 : C# Basics #2

  • Arrays in C#
  • Learning how to create methods in C#
  • Creating methods with/without return types
  • Understanding value and reference types
  • Understanding enum and nullable types
  • Understanding method parameters: out, ref, params

Day #4 : C# Object-Oriented Programming #1

  • Creating Classes and Objects
  • Understanding Encapsulation
  • Constructors,Properties, Automatic properties, Static Classes and Members
  • Constants, read-only fields, object initialization syntax
  • Understanding Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Compile and Runtime polymorphism
  • Overloading and Overriding of methods
  • Understanding System.Object class

Day #5 : C# Object-Oriented Programming #2

  • Understanding Abstract classes and Abstract methods
  • Understanding Access Modifiers: public,private,protected,internal
  • Understanding the use of Interfaces
  • Doing multiple inheritance using Interfaces
  • Implicit and Explicit implementations of interfaces
  • Using and implementing built-in interfaces found within the .NET framework

Day #6 : C# Exception Handling

  • Understanding Exception Handling
  • Using try..catch, throw, when, finally
  • Understanding application-level and system-level exceptions
  • Understanding breakpoints and debugging feature of Visual Studio

Day #7 : C# Advanced Programming #1 - Collection & Generics

  • Non-generic Collection classes
  • Problems with Non-generic Collection Classes
  • Saying Hello to Generic Collection classes
  • Understanding Generic type parameters
  • Playing around with System.Collection.Generics namespace
  • Creating custom Generic methods
  • Creating custom Generic Structures and Classes
  • Constraining type parameters using the Where keyword

Day #8 : C# Advanced Programming #2 - Delegates, Anonymous Methods & Lambda Expressions

  • Understanding Delegates: System.MultiCastDelegate and System.Delegate base classes
  • Understanding Generic Delegates: Action and Func
  • Understanding Anonymous methods
  • Understanding Lambda expresions
  • Understanding Extension methods
  • Understanding Indexer methods and Operator overloading

Day #9 : C# Advanced Programming #3 - Understanding CLR & Garbage Collection

  • Understanding how CLR manages memory using Garbage Collection
  • Using IDisposable interface and Dispose method
  • Object generation and System.GC type

Day #10: C# Advanced Programming #4 - Understanding Shared & Private Assemblies, GAC, Reflection and Attributes

  • Understanding Namespace and Creating custom namespace
  • .NET assemblies: .DLL or .EXE
  • Consuming custom class library in Console Application
  • Understanding private and shared assemblies
  • Understanding GAC global assembly cache

Day #11: C# Advanced Programming #5 - Understanding MultiThreading and Async Programming

  • Using ThreadStart delegate and Thread class
  • Using Task of T
  • Using async and await keywords for Async programming

Day #12: C# Advanced Programming #6 - File IO and Object Serialization

  • Creating/Deleting directory programmatically
  • Using File, String and Memory streams for Data
  • Serializing .NET objects to XML, JSON, Txt

Day #13: C# Advanced Programming #7 - Data Access using ADO.NET

  • ADO.NET Basics
  • Understanding .NET Data Providers
  • Understanding Connected and Disconnected architecture
  • Writing Data Access code using ADO.NET
  • Writing Data Access code using Interfaces and DbProviderFactory

Day #14: C# 6.x and 7.x New Features

  • using static (C# 6.x)
  • String Interpolation (C# 6.x)
  • Getter only auto property (C# 6.x)
  • Property Initializer (C# 6.x)
  • Expression bodied property syntax (C# 6.x)
  • Expression bodied method syntax (C# 6.x)
  • nameof operator (C# 6.x)
  • Local functions (C# 7.x)

Who is Abhishek Luv?

Online Training Fee

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Training Duration : Mon-Fri/Sat & Sun 14 Days C# Online Training

Type of Training : One-on-One Online Training for 1 Individual (Only 1 Participant)

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Prerequisites : Basics Computer Skills

Training Mode: Online only (via Webex)

Trainer: Abhishek Luv

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Note: Please read the FAQ's before sending me a message.

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Please read the Training Requirements & Rules before registering.

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