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Decisions That Changed My Life : Part 1

Decisions That Changed My Life.

Focus == Feeling!

  • Focusing on the Present and Self
  • What others think about me is none of my business
  • Learning to say yes to my Life and Dreams
  • Being mindful of my inner conversations and not allowing them to control me
  • Overcoming my fears
  • Not to become comfortable, satisfied and keep on hard working
  • Not to complain and blame others
  • Feeling worthy of myself
  • Not to procrastinate
  • Getting emotional fitness and psychological strength
  • Taking decisions as decision is the ultimate power that shapes destiny
  • Not to make excuses. Excusing is accusing
  • Having a courageous and a positive mindset
  • Exploring my web i.e. mind, beliefs, emotions and spiritual dimensions that are controlling me

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Abhishek Luv