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Today, I passed the Startup Engineering (Coursera & Stanford University) course with 85.6%.

And here are the top ten countries and the number of passing students:

This course was a great experience and only 73 participants passed from India for this course, and I am one of them. It feels amazing.

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Abhishek Luv

Hello! My name is Abhishek Luv and I am an online trainer for C# & ASP.NET MVC from Mumbai, India. I provide my online training services in India and overseas. I have successfully done a lot of online training for clients from USA (Chicago, Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Seattle, Florida, Michigan), Dubai, UK(Wales, London, Birmingham), Ireland(Dublin), Panama City, Colombia(Bogota), Denmark(Hjørring), Afghanistan, Switzerland(Zurich), Sri Lanka(Colombo), New Zealand, India(Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Faridabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Madurai, Gujarat).