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Online Trainer for ASP.NET MVC, Angular, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework & EF Core

Online ASP.NET MVC Training for College Students & Software Professionals in Mumbai

What am I going to get from this Online Training?

  • Understand the Advantages of ASP.NET MVC
  • Grasp the Concepts of Routes, Controllers, Actions and Razor View Engine in MVC
  • Understand the Principles of Data Annotation and Validation
  • Deal with Security related issues with ASP.NET MVC
  • Get Comfortable using AJAX to post data Asynchronously with ASP.NET MVC
  • Able to use built-in HTML Helpers, Including Custom HTML Helpers
  • Learn about Authentication, Authorization and User Management using Identity
  • Able to use Bootstrap CSS Framework for creating Responsive Layouts in ASP.NET MVC
  • Able to do Data Access using Entity Framework Code-First with ASP.NET MVC
  • Able to write Repository Pattern and Unit of Work Pattern for Data Access
  • Able to use Dependency Injection Framework like Ninject/Unity to create loosely coupled Application
  • Understand the Basics of Unit Testing using NUnit
  • Able to successfully deploy a Web Application to IIS

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Online ASP.NET MVC Training Target Audience (India & Overseas)

  • College students who are interested in getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Fresher graduates who are interested in getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Fresher graduates who are familiar with ASP.NET WebForms, C#, OOP concepts, ADO.NET DataReader or DataSets will get a lot of benefit from this online ASP.NET MVC training
  • Any experienced web developer who has extensively worked on ASP.NET WebForms application development will get a lot of benefit from this online ASP.NET MVC training
  • Any developer/programmer coming from other programming languages like PHP, VB6, Delphi, C, C++ or others will get a lot of benefit from this online ASP.NET MVC training. Note: Knowledge of C# is required
  • Web designers, Graphic designers, and front-end developers who are interested in getting familiar with server-side coding using ASP.NET MVC framework. Note: Knowledge of C# is required
  • Junior & Senior Software Engineer, Database administrator, Network System Administrator who are interested in getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC framework can register for this online training. Note: Knowledge of C# is required

Benefits of Online Training

  • Greener and cost effective.
  • Helps you to avoid commuting
  • More interactive and greater ability to concentrate from the comfort of your own home.
  • Improves your technical skills.

ASP.NET MVC Online Training Syllabus

Day #1 : Introduction To ASP.NET MVC

  • Student & Faculty Introduction
  • Instructions about WebEx and DropBox access
  • What is ASP.NET MVC
  • Benefits of ASP.NET MVC
  • History of ASP.NET MVC
  • Understanding Model, View & Controller
  • Creating a Simple MVC Application
  • Understanding MVC Application Folder Structure
  • Creating a Model class
  • Creating a Controller with Action methods
  • Understanding Action methods and different type of Result types
  • Creating a Strongly-typed View with @model and accessing data using @Model
  • Understanding Nuget Package Management System

Day #2 : ASP.NET MVC Request LifeCycle and Routing System

  • Understanding ASP.NET MVC Request LifeCycle
  • Understanding MVC Routing System
  • Creating a RoutingConfig.cs in App_Start folder
  • Creating a Default route in RoutingConfig.cs file
  • Creating Custom Routes with Custom URL Patterns
  • Understanding Attribute Routing in MVC

Day #3 : Razor, HTML Helpers, Layout & Section

  • Understanding Views in MVC
  • Getting friendly with Razor Syntax
  • Using HTML Helper methods to generate HTML in View
  • Creating Custom HTML Helper methods to generate custom HTML in View
  • Using Layout.cshtml to maintain consistency across all the Views
  • Creating Sections using @section in Views and Rendering them using @RenderSection in Layout.cshtml

Day #4 : Data Passing, Forms & Model Binding in ASP.NET MVC

  • Data Passing from Controller to View using ViewBag
  • Data Passing from Controller to View using ViewData
  • Data Passing from Controller to View using TempData
  • Data Passing from Controller to View using Model and ViewModel
  • Understanding HttpGet and HttpPost attribute verbs for Action Methods
  • Understanding Model Binding feature
  • Benefits of Model Binding
  • Accessing Form data in Controller using Model Binding
  • Accessing Form data in Controller using Model Binding with ViewModel
  • Accessing Form data in Controller using FormCollection
  • Accessing Form data in Controller using Request object
  • Accessing Form data in Controller using Form input fields as parameters in action method

Day #5 : Form Validation in ASP.NET MVC

  • Understanding Form validation in MVC
  • Server-Side validation using ModelState.IsValid
  • using Validation attributes from System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
  • Downloading jQuery Validate and jQuery Unobtrusive files for Client-Side Validation
  • Using ValidationMessageFor and ValidationSummary for generating Client-Side validation messages
  • Creating Custom Validation attributes
  • Doing Validation using class-level model validation

Day #6 : Understanding LINQ

  • Anonymous Methods
  • Delegates and Lambda Expressions
  • IEnumerable
  • Extension methods
  • Implicitly-typed local variables and Anonymous types
  • LINQ Query operators
  • LINQ keywords and Syntax
  • Select Many, Grouping, Joining
  • Aggregation operator, Conversion and Caching

Day #7 : Data Access using ADO.NET Entity Framework

  • Understanding what is an ORM
  • Introduction To ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Benefits of ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework version history
  • Understanding Different approaches of EF
  • Getting started with EF Code-First approach
  • Downloading and Installing EF using Nuget Package Manager Console
  • Writing Data access code using EF

Day #8 : Using Database Initializers, Data Annotations & Entity Framework Fluent API

  • Understanding the need of Database Initializer's
  • Using Database.SetInitializer() method
  • Understanding types of Initializer's
  • CreateDatabaseIfNotExists
  • DropCreateDatabaseAlways
  • DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges
  • Creating Custom Initializer using Built-in Initializer or IDatabaseInitializer Interface
  • Seeding the Database
  • Using Data Annotation attributes for Data Modeling
  • Using Data Annotation attributes for Validation
  • Using EF Fluent API for Data Modeling
  • Overriding OnModelCreating method with DbModelBuilder as parameter
  • Creating 1-to-Many relationship using Annotations and Fluent API
  • Creating Many-to-Many relationship using Annotations and Fluent API

Day #9 : Entity Framework Code-First Migration & Database-First Approach

  • Understanding the need of EF Code-First Migration
  • Using Enable-Migration command to enable migrations
  • Using Add-Migration to add a new migration file
  • Using Update-Database to apply migration files to the Database
  • Seeding the Database
  • Using Database-First approach to generate Model classes
  • Using Partial Model classes with MetadataType for validation

Day #10 : Data Access using EF with Repository & Unit Of Work pattern, Dependency Injection & IoC (Ninject)

  • Understanding Repository & Unit Of Work pattern, DI & IoC
  • Creating Repository Layer using Interfaces and Concrete classes
  • Inverting the dependencies using Inversion of Control (Ninject) at RunTime
  • Injecting dependencies using Dependency Injection (Constructor Injection)
  • Using Unit Of Work pattern to commit to the database

Day #11 : Writing our own Register and Login System(Front-End)

  • Creating User and Role Model classes
  • Creating Many-to-Many relationship between Users and Roles
  • Creating Register and Login methods
  • Using Forms Authentication
  • Hashing the Password for Security Reasons
  • Implementing custom Principal

Day #12 : Writing code to manage Users and Roles(Back-End)

  • Creating CreateUser, GetRoles, GetUserWithRoles, DeleteUser methods
  • Using Authorize attribute
  • Securing the Back-End area

Day #13 : Introduction To ASP.NET WebAPI

  • Understanding HTTP Basics
  • ASP.NET WebAPI Basics
  • Creating ASP.NET WebAPI 2 project
  • JSON basics
  • Creating action methods using IHttpActionResult
  • Serialization problems with Entity Framework
  • Writing CRUD operation methods
  • Using PostMan to Test the API's

Day #14 : Consuming WebAPI JSON Data using AJAX & jQuery DataTable

  • Consuming JSON data using jQuery DataTable
  • Using Bootstrap Model popup for CRUD operations
  • Using AJAX calls for CRUD operations
  • Securing the API Controller

Day #15-20 : Real-Time Project

We will be creating a Content Management System(CMS) using ASP.NET MVC, EF, and many other technologies. All the topics that are to be covered in project work are listed below:

  • Creating a Multi-Layered Application
  • Creating separate projects for Data, Model, ViewModel, Web and Unit Test
  • Managing package dependencies using Nuget
  • Referencing projects to other projects
  • Using Models and ViewModels
  • Using EF Fluent-API for Data Modeling
  • Storing Database connectionString in startup project .i.e Web project
  • Using EF Code-First Migration
  • Generating Repository interfaces and concrete class
  • Creating interface & concrete class for Unit Of Work
  • Inverting the dependency using Ioc(Ninject/Unity) and injecting using DI
  • Understanding Lazy & Eager loading in EF
  • Disabling Lazy loading and ProxyCreation
  • Using Include method to fetch related data using JOIN Sql Query via Entity Framework
  • User and Role Management using Identity Framework
  • CMS features: Pages, Sidebars, Menu, and Footer
  • Using RichTextEditor for Pages,Sidebars and Footer
  • jQuery DataTable
  • Writing action method for Server-Side Paging, Sorting, Filtering, and Searching
  • Returning JSON data from action method using JsonResult and Json()
  • Consuming JSON data using jQuery DataTable
  • Creating Admin area
  • Creating Custom Bootstrap HTML Helper methods
  • Using Bootstrap to style the Layout file
  • Using LINQ with EF
  • Calling Stored Procedure with EF
  • Securing MVC application: Antiforgery tokens, CSRF, and more..
  • Applying Caching within MVC application for performance
  • Creating Partial views
  • Displaying notifications using TempData and Bootstrap alerts
  • Understanding Filters in MVC
  • Logging everything within MVC application
  • Creating Custom routes with Custom URL patterns
  • Using attribute routing
  • Using Client-Side validation using jQuery validate and Unobtrusive JS files
  • Seeding thousands of records in DB using NBuilder to test the application
  • Using a profiler to profile DB calls and optimize the application
  • Creating API controller which will allow external services and devices to consume from the API's
  • Using partial views to display Navigation and Sidebar area in Layout file
  • Restricting permissions & functionality to admin role users only using Authroize attribute
  • Optimization using Bundling and Minification in MVC application
  • Writing unit test code
  • and so on..

Note: Please read the FAQ's before sending me a message.

Note: Please send me a message to know my availability.

ASP.NET MVC Online Training Video Testimonial

ASP.NET MVC Online Training Written Testimonial

I found Abhishek Luv’s online training after only a few minutes of searching on Google, and I am so lucky I did! The online training I signed-up for really provided me with all the essential information and skills which I was seeking, but the thing I was very impressed by was Abhishek’s one-on-one teaching skills. These included a friendly approach to all discussions, structured and stepwise method for covering different topics and the clear explanations to any of my questions during the online training. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to build their knowledge on ASP.NET MVC & Entity Framework to receive it through Abhishek’s friendly yet very professional and efficient online training.

Bobby, London

I really enjoyed the sessions and trust worthy to invest!!! Payment is via PayPal,so reliable in terms of safety!!!

Loknadh Annavarapu, USA

Amazing Trainer !! The best MVC training possible with relevant examples and hands on experience. The online session builds up from scratch exposing problems and developing solutions. It was not just a platform training rather a conceptual ride providing complete insight for future development with a demo project.

Pavan Kumar, Hyderabad

Online Training Fee

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Training Duration : Mon-Fri/Sat & Sun 20 Days ASP.NET MVC Online Training

Type of Training : One-on-One Online Training for 1 Individual (Only 1 Participant)

Training Fee: Please Send me a message to know the fees

Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of C# Language, Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Training Mode: Online only (via Webex)

Trainer: Abhishek Luv

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Note: Please read the FAQ's before sending me a message.

Note: Please send me a message to know my availability.

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