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Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

In this post, I’ll be sharing the Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts that I use everyday and using keyboard shortcuts really helps me to become more productivity.

1. Ctrl + . : Allows you to create a new type or add a using reference.

2. Ctrl + , : Allows you to Search and Navigate to a code file within your solution.

Ctrl + Q : Allows you to Access the Quick launch search bar.

Ctrl + ; : Allows yout to access Solution explorer search.

F5 : To start with debugging.

Ctrl + F5 : To start without debugging.

Ctrl + Shift + A : Allows you to open the Add New Item window.

F12 on a literal : Allows you to view a literal definition.

Shift + F12 : Shows a list of files using a particular literal within a project.

Alt + F12 : Allows you to have a peek look at a literal definition.

Ctrl + Tab : Browsing opened code files within Visual Studio.

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