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Standing and Sitting With Pomodoro Technique

Standing and Sitting with Pomodoro Technique.

This week I decided to experiment and make a custom standing desk for myself.

As I had mentioned in one of my previous post that I will be keeping track of every task I do and blog about it online.

At this moment the setup looks quite messy with a lot of wires hanging around.

Things used to setup the standing desk

Only two things.

  • A Wooden adjustable study table
  • Some books to adjust the height of the wooden study table


Just 900/- INR i.e. $15

"Abhishek Luv's Custom Standing Desk"

Why a standing desk? Because too much of sitting is bad.

What happens if you stand too much?

  • It can cause leg pain
  • It can cause back pain
  • It can make your legs sore

What happens if you sit too much?

  • It can affect the flow of blood and oxygen in your body
  • It can become the cause of your obesity
  • It can cause you headaches, legs, arms and wrist numbness

We need to strike a balance between standing, sitting and doing activities like stretching, squatting, doing vital deep diaphragmatic breathing, and drinking plenty of water which can help us lose those fat sitting on our belly.

Ever heard of Pomodoro technique?

It’s a technique where you work with time and not against time by taking short breaks in between while doing your work.

It can help you manage distractions and create a better work/life balance.

Now should we stand or sit while working? It’s not a question about standing or sitting. Moving more is probably better than standing or sitting.

Better solution

A better solution is to use Pomodoro technique with standing and sitting while working.


  • Standing for 25mins and Sitting for 5mins
  • Sitting for 50mins and Standing for 10mins
  • Note: Don’t forget to include squatting and stretching and having plenty of water while you stand or sit

The key is to do some activity every day.

  • A walk to and from work
  • or taking the stairs

Stay healthy, Stay fit!

Stay tuned!

Take care!

Abhishek Luv